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$$$Paid Discussion Groups!!! Here in PDX$$$

Call Today to reserve your place!
Or call Tuesday May 31st between 3pm and 9pm

75$ for all of our current groups!

Asthmatic Non-Smokers
-Between the ages of (18-34)
-Need Washington and Clackamas county people.

Fun Mock Jury Trial!
-Must be from Clackamas county.

Organic Juice
-Do you purchase and enjoy organic juices or produce?
-You can be from anywhere in or around PDX.
-Need 36-45 year olds.
-Must have kids.
-Higher income quotas open. (total household before taxes must be 50k-100k)

call 503-281-1270 Friday or Tuesday!
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Is the asthmatic one ONLY Clackamas and Washington County? Cause I am an asthmatic non-smoker.
The client would like a mix of counties, and so far we've only gotten Multnomah. So we'd prefer Clackamas and Washington, but if we can't get any of those, then we'll have to go with Multnomah. So I'd say call in, because we might be able to take you, but don't get super high hopes, because some we might find some other counties first :(
Well, if you would have posted earlier about it, i would have called earlier. ;-)