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If you haven't read the user info, here's what we're currently up to:

Help us with research and get paid!

We're getting ready for some upcoming paid discussion groups, and we'd love to have you participate with us! At the end of the discussion, we pay you cash for sharing your opinions and insights.

Consumer Opinions Services is a professional market research organization.

Just about every week, we're inviting individuals such as yourself, your friends and family members to interesting discussions where, for an hour or two, participants enjoy interesting and dynamic conversation, often with sandwiches, snacks, soda, juice, coffee, etc. in the comfort of one of our convieniently located conference rooms... And yes, it's true, we pay you cash on your way out the door.

Your information is kept strictly confidential, never sold or used outside of our own studies.

Call 503-281-1270 to get started! Ask for Dr. Dana Base.

And as a reminder, we are listed with the Better Buisness Bureau. You can also apply on our website, Consumer Opinion Services
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