pdxfocusgroup (pdxfocusgroup) wrote,

New Studies Open!

Caucasian Non-Smoking Urban Residents:
-18-54 years old
-Must be a resident of Portland, not a suburb.
-50$ cash
-Ask for Bianca

(Alcoholic) Beverage Taste Test:
-Health Conscious Males
-Must know what brands of beverages you drink and how often
-Must be avaliable July 11th or 12th, and July 15th or 16th , and July 20th for a few minutes each day.
-60$ cash upon completion.
-Ask for Billy Brew

Pendleton Residents
-18-54 years old
-Must live in Pendleton or surrounding
-50$ cash
-Ask for Penny

If any of these interest you, please give us a call between 1pm and 9 pm at 503-281-1270
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